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How Long Do Windows Last, As Per Window Installation Companies?

At Hornsby Roofing, we strive to offer our clients the best window installation company at the best prices in Columbia, SC. We are a customer-oriented window installation company that stands behind each window replacement and installation project with a warranty on all parts.

For quick, affordable, and unbeatable windows installation services of all kinds of windows, Hornsby Roofing goes beyond the competition. You can count on our expertise at any time.

Our Windows Installation Contractor Install Any Style and Any Size Windows

The type of windows you choose can significantly improve the energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality of your Columbia home. With the perfect window, you can optimize natural light, views, temperature, and air circulation.

Whether you prefer double-hung, horizontal sliding, picture, arch radius, casement, awning, or bay windows, we install any type with precision and care, making sure it perfectly suits your house exterior. We also work with various materials, including vinyl and wood.

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How Long Do Windows Last, As Per Window Installation Company?

Depending on the window type and material you invest in, there are slightly different expectations. With regular care and maintenance, fiberglass windows can last up to 40 years and double-paned windows up to 20 years. Aluminum windows fall in between, with a lifespan of approximately 30 years.

Windows Installation Services In Columbia SC 

How long your windows last depends on how well you take care of them. If you notice anything unusual about your current windows, such as condensation or water damage around the frames, you should consider professional windows installation services to avoid costly damage.

With years of industry experience, Hornsby Roofing knows the best maintenance techniques for all window types. We can share some of the best tips with you to preserve your new windows’ functionality and condition for years to come. 

Signs You Need New Home Windows

Timing is a vital factor when planning a window replacement or installation. As a homeowner, you want to make the most of your current windows, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise your safety or comfort due to outdated window frames.

If you are unsure whether to call a window installation company to come and make the necessary changes, here are a few common signs that suggest it is time to call the pros.

  • Faulty window operation
  • Excessive window condensation
  • Excess outside noise
  • Water damage and decay on window frames
  • High utility bills

Your new windows should last for decades, so make sure you choose a reliable company based on the quality of their products. Hornsby Roofing is one of the highest-rated window installation company in Columbia, SC. Each of our replacement windows is durable and maintenance-free, meaning you will never have to stain, paint, or refinish your new windows.

The Perks of New Replacement Windows

Installing new windows will give an outdated house an updated appearance, fresh look, and an excellent return on investment.

What surprises people is how they can save on energy costs by replacing their old windows with new, energy-efficient ones. Although utility bills depend on several factors, it is possible to reduce your cooling and heating expenses by a third when you install new windows. It is no exaggeration to say that new, high-quality windows do pay themselves after a few years.

Most replacement windows come with dual sashes that tilt for easy cleaning. If you choose vinyl or fiberglass windows, they are weatherproof and won’t rot or warp over time, which will save you a considerable amount of energy and time in regular cleaning.

Installing new windows could also increase the value of your home and make it much easier for you to sell your house. What is important is to choose the benefits important to you. Whether you want to replace them for decreasing the utility bills or increasing your property value, count on our windows installation service team to help.

Premium Window Installation Contractor in Columbia, SC

There is a reason why Hornsby Roofing is the go-to company for window installation in Columbia, SC. Our commitment to delivering the best value and ultimate satisfaction for your investment is apparent at every step of the window installation project.

Our residential windows and custom window frames are designed to withstand the harsh Columbia climate and offer you a unique style, significant energy savings, quality, and durability you can count on.

If you are looking to install a window, whether it’s a double-hung window with a vinyl frame or a casement with a wooden frame, look no further than Hornsby Roofing.

Reach out to our office today at 803-528-4117 to discuss your window needs and leave the rest for our professionals to handle. We’d love to prove why we are the #1 team for windows installation services in Columbia, South Carolina.