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Insurance Claim Services in Columbia

If you’ve been living around Columbia for some time, you’d know that roof damages caused due to hurricanes and tropical storms are nothing new here.  No annual climate cycle passes through without witnessing an event of heavy winds, especially since the last couple of decades. 

When it comes to damages due to storms, roofs are the most vulnerable part of a building. While roof insurance will cover the entire cost of replacing or repairing a roof, submitting the claim is a tedious process. The time and effort needed for a successful redressal are usually more concerning than the time taken for re roofing and repairs itself. This is where having an expert to assist you in roof damage insurance claims can prove to be useful.

With more than 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, Hornsby is a trusted partner in the roof insurance claim process. Roof replacement, repairs, and submitting roof insurance claims are our areas of expertise. When things don’t go well, we are only a call away for everything from assessing the damage, claiming the insurance, and getting the repairs done.

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Submitting the roof insurance claim

Submitting the roof insurance claim is a 5-step process.

Step 1: Inspection

A roof inspection is the first and foremost part of the process in which the damages to the roof are calculated and documented. A roof inspection is a skill that’ll take time to master as even the slightest mistake can lead to the rejection of the insurance claim.

Here at Hornsby Roofing, we have a dedicated team of roofing inspectors with an eye for detail. The team will ensure that every part of the roof including siding, gutters and windows are inspected. Even minor flaws like missing shingles and sidings are never neglected by our experts, unlike a local roofing contractor. Once the peripheral inspection is complete, our team will look for any internal signs of leakage from the roof which will be photographed and filmed for the insurance cause.

Step 2: Documentation

After the inspection of a damaged roof, the findings of the inspection are documented for the insurance claim. Once the assessment documentation is done, we’ll schedule a second visit to the site to double-check that we haven’t left anything behind.

Unlike other insurance providers, we assist you with the labour necessary for quality roof repairs and any replacements if required. If you are to reinstate that happy family life, reaching out to Hornsby can be the most sensible decision you should take.

Step 3: Insurance claims

Now that the inspection part is complete you can move forward with your claim. We will make sure that temporary repairs are done on the roof for your safety.  Note that while raising the insurance claim you need to figure out the type of your insurance coverage properly. Check whether it is an RCV (Replacement Cost Value), the value of the roof when it is to be replaced including the depreciation or an ACV (Actual Cash Value), the value of the roof at the time of loss. The details we compiled can now be handed over to the insurance company for their preliminary estimation.

Once this is done. you are all set for the inspection from the provider side for the roof insurance claim process to continue.

The insurance adjuster will reach out to your property in person. At this stage of the roof insurance claim process, a representative from Hornsby will assist you in going through it. He will make sure all the aspects are well conveyed to the adjuster and the replacement cost is accurately calculated.

Step 4. Repairs

We will be waiting for the insurance company to approve your claim. Once done, there is no turning back. All the purchases and final modifications, if necessary, will be done at the earliest.

As all the hustle and bustle of papers, documentation and inspections are over, you can leave the rest to the shoulders of Hornsby, who will take care of all your requirements in the scheduled time at the expected quality

Why us?

•    Experience

No other market players can match the experience we have in this roof damage repairs and roof replacement insurance. Over the last two decades, Hornsby has been successful in serving our customers with their best of outputs and met the standards of customers’ expectations.

•    Trained professionals

Employers at Hornsby are well trained before assigning them to a real project. The skilled hands at our facility will make sure, no loose nuts will step into your premises for fixing your leaking roofs.

•    Safety standards

The team of experts at Hornsby Roofing will ensure that you get to stay under a safe roof. Be it a temporary fix or a permanent fix, our compliance officers will scrutinize the quality and serviceability of the project done.

•    Promptness

Our customers are given a promise on the date of return to their home after the roof repair/replacement. These ultimatums will be strictly followed by Hornsby no matter what the circumstances are unless there is something unnatural.

•    Pricing

Our client’s happiness is our goal. Hornsby serves the clients with the best of products and services at the most competitive of prices.