Architectural VS 3 Tab: The Real Deal

So it’s time to get a new roof, and you’re having this debate with yourself, should I upgrade to Arch??? You have heard architectural shingles are much more expensive? You’ve heard they are not “that much better”? You’ve heard that are harder to install??
Well here is some truth to the debate, and some things you should consider during this transaction.
1. Architectural shingles only cost about 10% more than 3tab (when Hornsby Roofing installs)
2. 80% of home shoppers prefer the look of the architectural shingles so If you’re considering listing your home, keep that in mind
3. They are thicker and heavier, in general, they will last 6-8 more years in South Carolina
4. Actually, they are easier to install
In closing, If you can afford the approximate 10 extra percent, I would highly recommend architectural shingles for aesthetics and duration.

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